Creative, Designer and Illustrator

Sydney Science Festival


Design: Lucy Charlotte and Filip Bartkowiak
Illustration: Lucy Charlotte

Sydney Science Festival has been developed to consolidate and amplify the promotion of National Science Week events across Sydney. Coordinated by Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS), the festival aims to encourage an interest in science among the general public and young people and will provide an opportunity to highlight Sydney's scientific credentials and foster partnerships between the community, research organisations and industry. 

The branding therefore had to reflect this intention by being engaging to both scientists and non-scientists alike. 

The hand-drawn illustrations represent creativity and innovation – concepts which are not typically associated with the term ‘science’. They are reminiscent of early 18th century scientific illustrations, drawn with dip ink pens. The portrayal of modern technology and modern treatment of type keeps the brand current.

The concepts and ideas represented by the objects explore a broader range of science, so that it is not exclusive to one field.